With great sound and a wide range of functionalities, the MRx is the perfect companion for your lounge, kitchen or study. Link with other MRx or R2 Mk3, R5 and R7 Mk3 models and easily architect a wireless multi-room system for high-quality, synchronised sound whenever you desire.



Designed for wireless streaming, the MRx Connected Wireless Speaker is built with a Bluetooth receiver that allows for fast and seamless connection. Thanks to innovative aptX technology, you can experience CD quality sound when paired with compatible devices. With a broadband internet connection, MRx comes alive and allows access to internet radio and an almost infinite library of music through online streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer and Tidal, and soon, Amazon Music. Moreover, you can also stream music stored on other networked computers and from your phone.

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A new cone and coil assembly coupled with the powerful neodymium magnet system provides a full-range driver for unrivalled performance in the MRx. Based on the driver technology from our award-winning MR1, these drivers are mounted as a stereo pair into tuned bass reflex enclosures and powered by a high-fidelity two channel Class A-B amplifier. Using the latest sound processing technology, we have further tuned the sound for a stereo soundstage that belies the compact dimensions of the MRx.

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A stylish controller located on the front of the MRx allows volume and source to be easily changed. For full remote control, a dedicated app is available for iOS and Android devices called Ruark Link. Giving full control and access to all MRx functions, the controller also displays information on the source material being played. Link also allows users to create and manage groups when two or more MRx units are being used together as part of a multi-room system. R2 Mk3, R5 and R7 Mk3 are also compatible with the MRx, and can also be controlled with the Ruark Link app.


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  • USB port for charging and playback-FLAC, WAV, WMA, AAC, MP3 playback
  • 3.5mm analog and optical integrated input terminal
  • 20 watt analog linear amplifier and 3 Two newly developed full-range speaker units with 2 inches of aluminum stand
  • Wireless streaming speaker for maximum sound quality comfort
  • Apt-X support for Bluetooth 4.0 version


  • Easy and more detailed configuration via Ruark Link
  • Receive tens of thousands of worldwide Internet radios
  • DLNA play over wired / wireless network connection
  • Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal Supports infinite music library streaming
  • Multi-room function for free control of music in multiple spaces


  • Finish: Rich Walnut, Soft Gray
  • Dimensions: Height 180mm X Width 300mm X Depth 180mm With
  • Dimensions: Height 320mm X Height 160mm X Depth 180mm With Stand
  • Weight: 3.4kg


If you register your purchase within 28 days we will provide you with an additional one year guarantee on top of the two years warranty.

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